Heavy Duty Microdoser

Our Microdoser unit is manufactured from 5mm and 6mm mild steel plate to offer an economic and robust controlled feed rate. It can be combined with our FIBC discharger unit options to provide a self contained controllable dosing rate of sorbent into your flue gas stream or other process.

We use electronic inverters, and other speed control devices which can be linked to your monitoring equipment to provide automated control of flue gas dischargers.

Integrated into the inlet chamber, are rotating agitators which keep the reagent or other powder ‘live’ and in a condition suitable for conveying without additional air being used. However, if additional fluidisation is required and air ingress is not an issue then an air fluidisation nozzle can be fitted.

An air purged double sealed stuffing box ensures that dust does not leak out from the unit. The standoff motor mounting plate further ensures that the motor is separated from the unit to provide additional dust and thermal protection. All ensuring that the unit provides a long life with high level of reliability. A range of outlet options is also available, including an air conveying venturi, vision panel outlet or flexible polyethylene pipe with flexible screw core, enabling an efficient increase in outlet height for feeding into existing equipment or onward processes.
Should verification of feed rates be required on a regular basis then a chamber can be incorporated into the outlet to enable the powder to be captured in a measuring vessel, and then reintroduced into the system after weighing or other checks.