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Ken Hope Engineering Ltd provide Flue Gas Treatment
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The Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC regulates all environmental discharges into Air, Soil and Water resulting from incineration and co-incineration of waste. During waste incineration or other hot processes which remove elements of waste, acid flue gasses are produced. To effectively manage these gases to comply with the legislation requires the addition of reagents to create chemical reactions to neutralise these gaseous emissions, creating a waste which can be disposed of cot effectively and safely.

Since 1986 Ken Hope Engineering Ltd. has been involved in the pollution control industry building filters for air pollution control companies and end users. Specialising in Flue Gas Treatment from a background in Materials Handling, we are highly experienced in delivering practical engineering solutions in synergy with your process plant.

Ken Hope Engioneering Ltd. are specialists in the treatment of flue gases to reduce or eliminate toxic and noxious emmissions from all combustion-related processes including incinerators, cremators, furnaces, smelters and industrial boilers

Municipal Waste.

Hospital Waste.

Animal Carcass Disposal.

Aluminium recyclers and manufacturers.

Energy from Waste Plants.

Alternative Energy Plants for High Energy Users.

Biomass Energy Plants.

Other Hot Recycling Processes.

Other Mass Burn, Gasification & Pyrolysis Processes.

Our range of equipment successfully handles;

Lime and Lime Blended products.

Carbon and Carbon Blended products.

Sodium Bicarbonate.

Urea for dry handling or on-site mixing.

Whether you have a need for improving emission levels for:

HCl (Hydrogen Chloride)

SoX (Sulphur Oxides)

NoX (Nitrogen Oxides)


Whatever your requirements or site conditions, we have a system to suit your needs.

25Kg bags.

FIBC Big Bags.

Silos 35m³ to 70m³.

Reagent Discharges

Our family of reagent discharges includes models for:

  • FIBC Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (Big Bags) with neck opening or

  • Self opening for non-returnable bags.

  • A day bin with high, low and low-low level control for remote storage feeding (e.g. a silo).

  • A low profile FIBC unit for height restricted areas.

  • A Tote Bin emptying system with enclosed opening.

  • A self loading crane and ‘clean-room’ options for big bag opening where required.

  • An enclosed rip and tip cabinet for 25kg bags.

  • A range of fully compliant kit form bolted silos from 35m3 to 70m3.


Filter Diagnosis

If your filter is not meeting your current needs, then we can help. We have filtration expertise to diagnose problems and cost effective solutions to keep your plant up and running efficiently. We can offer replacement high capacity, high temperature cartridges to double the filtration area in your existing bag house filter. We can assess your filter operation and clean down regime to ‘health check’ the suitability and advise on cost effective improvements.

WAM Agency

As a long established materials handling engineering company we are teamed up with WAM Engineering to offer high quality materials handling solutions made to exacting specifications and quality standards. We offer the full range of WAM equipment and their associate companies. Full details of their extensive range is available at www.wameng.com

Volumetric Dosing Equipment

We have developed our own Microdoser unit which is manufactured using the latest CADCAM and laser profiling technology to provide a very robust and durable volumetric feed rate. Using our expertise in dosing we offer a range of discharge screw sizes and gearbox and variator drives to ensure that you have the flexibility to dose efficiently and to achieve your emission targets. These range from fixed ratios which can be electronic inverter controlled to a fully automated hydrostatic variator which can be driven by your emissions control monitors. The Microdoser can feed successfully into both air and liquid streams and we offer a complete skid mounted blowing or pumping solution to entrain the reagents into your system for wet scrubbing or dry scrubbing flue gas treatment. If parasitic air is undesirable in your system, then we can also dose directly into ducts for minimal parasitic air inclusion.

Urea Mixing & Injection System

Now installed across a number of plants across the UK, our Urea mixing and pumping system for Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) receives Urea Prills in bulk bags and is weighed into a mixing tank where a propeller mixer and electronic immersion heater condition the Urea solution for optimal suspension and delivery. The pump skid will then regulate the amount of solution to the combustion treatment zone and a locally situated flow control wall-mounted skid. Compressed air is controlled into the urea solution flow to aid atomisation and also directly to the lance shrouds for cooling. The system can feed single or multi stream systems and is available with full duty standby if required. The skid mounted components allow flexibility around your site and combustion requirements.

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