Whatever your requirements or site conditions, we have a system to suit your needs.

Including: 25kg bags, FIBC Big Bags and Silos 35m³ to 70m³

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Why you need Flue Gas Treatment

The Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC regulates all environmental discharges into Air, Soil and Water resulting from incineration and co-incineration of waste. During waste incineration or other hot processes which remove elements of waste, acid flue gasses are produced. To effectively manage these gases to comply with the legislation requires the addition of reagents to create chemical reactions to neutralise these gaseous emissions, creating a waste which can be disposed of cot effectively and safely.

Our range of equipment successfully handles...

Municipal Waste

Hospital Waste

Animal Carcass Disposal

Aluminium recyclers and manufacturers

Energy from waste plants

Alternative Energy Plants for High Energy Users

Biomass Energy Plants

Other Hot Recycling products

Lime and Lime Blended products

Carbon and Carbon Blended products

Sodium Bicarbonate

Other Mass Burn, Gasification & Pyrolysis Processes.

Improving emission levels for:

  • HCI (Hydrogen Chloride)
  • SoX (Sulphur Oxides)
  • NoX (Nitrogen Oxides)

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