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FIBC (Big Bag) Discharger and Heavy Duty Microdoser

FIBC (Big Bag) Discharger

FIBC dischargerAlthough there are a number of FIBC dischargers on the market, we get consistently positive feedback about our unit.


We have close working relationships with our customers and have listened to their requirements and developed the features of our unit to meet those needs.


big bag locatorUsing high quality, heavy duty materials and components with a powder coated finish, our unit is durable enough to withstand the rigours of industrial applications. Available as a fork lift truck loading unit, or a self loading unit with integrated crane, the bag is supported during emptying onto the large square rubber diaphragm.

The top frame is height adjustable to enable a range of bag sizes to be supported. The neck of the Big Bag then passes through into the lower chamber which is accessed through a large, lockable, sealed door.

outlet hopperThe outer neck is then rolled up whilst the inner neck is released into the outlet hopper. The outer neck is then rolled down and clamped onto the outlet hopper. The lower chamber has a dust extraction port, which can be connected to an external filter, or fitted with an integrated vacuum cleaner to ensure that it is kept clean and the material collected for disposal or re-use.

For the handling of carbon, a screen and glove port option is available to contain any dust.  



anti vibration mountsintegrated butterfly valveAn integrated butterfly valve enables the unit to be isolated from the ongoing process for maintenance or shut down purposes. A level indicator in the lower hopper checks for powder and provides a signal for the vibratory motor to shake down the bag if no powder is present.

The hopper is mounted on heavy duty Anti-Vibration mounts to isolate the vibration.

In our FIBC discharger family, we also have a hopper for self opening of disposable bags, a day bin option for use with a remote silo, all of which fit into the standard support frame. A low profile version is also available for operating in areas where there is restricted head room.

Within the general design, each unit is tailored to meet your exact requirements, so if the unit is situated on a mezzanine, a longer chain drop can be provided. If a fork lift truck cannot get near enough to the unit, a longer crane gantry can be provided, or a unit to work with your existing crane.

The FIBC unit has a 200 diameter outlet, which can be fed into a variety of applications, such as rotary valve, Microdoser, screw conveyor or with a flexible helix. A Microdoser and venturi unit can be integrated into the base of the FIBC discharger together with a fan to enable pneumatic conveying into high level ducts. We can supply all of these options for a fully integrated package to meet your specific requirements.

Our FIBC discharger is a flexible and versatile unit which can be tailored to meet your needs.



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